about us


In 1966, Milo Hochstedler started Hochstedler Insulation, using mainly Amish and Mennonite employees.  The company quickly grew due to the energy crunch of the 70s.  Within the first four years they started manufacturing their own cellulose insulation and were the first in the area to use polyurethane foam insulation.


The company expanded into electric heat and in 1978 the first water source heat pump was installed in the area.  Also in 1978, they built a new office, allowing them to move the business out of the Hochstedler house.


On July 28,1982, Hochstedler Insulation became incorporated as Hochstedler Energy Services.  The shareholders and officers were Robert Hochstedler, Rachael Hochstedler, and Joel Stoll.  In January of 1987, Joel sold his shares of the business to Robert and Rachael Hochstedler, and resigned as an officer.


In the Spring and Summer of 1992, the Hochstedlers purchased the property located at 6205 E 00 NS, Greentown.  Many hours were spent remodeling and insulating the buildings to meet their needs. 


Hochstedler Energy Services strived to provide energy conservation products and services for the residential and light commercial market.  These services included heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, weatherization, and window and door replacement.


In 2003, Bob and Rachael Hochstedler decided to retire.  They sold Hochstedler Energy Services to two long-time employees.  The business was re-incorporated as Hochstedler Energy Systems on September 15, 2003.  Bob and Rachael stayed on as employees until the Spring 2004.

Curt Rivers was one of the two long-time employees that took over ownership in 2003.  Curt purchased all shares of the business in Spring 2010 and is the sole owner and president of the company.  In January 2013, Curt restructured the company to focus on just residential and light commercial heating and cooling systems and dissolved the insulation, window, and door departments.


Through the years, Curt brought on the next generation of Rivers to work at Hochstedler Energy Systems.  For over 50 years, this family owned and operated company has served Howard and surrounding counties with the highest quality customer service and will continue doing so for many more years.